July 22, 2014

Put a Smile on


One more day and I will be at the BEACH
I wanted to show you a few things that have caught my eye the past few days. 

These are just a F E W of the things putting a smile on my face right now.
As always....
Interesting White & Black Tees
Perfectly Dressed Men
Gold Jewelry
and last but definitely far from least
Cute C U T E Pupsters

What completely materialistic things put a smile on your face??!

Bye now 

July 20, 2014

Handy Fest Nights One & Two

Alright Friends.... I know I know I know!!! I have been completely missing the past couple of days!
NOT OKAY. I know!

But in my defense I have had company here from out of town since Friday.

Handy Fest has had a WONDERFUL start.


I seriously have the best friends a girl could ask for. My only complaint....why do they have to live so far away!!! Having them in Florence made everything just perfect. 
Chris {Christmas} Melissa {Mel B} Will {Wilbert} and Dillon {Dillon Keith} all came friday night and stayed all weekend. I really was super sad when they all left today. 
Christmas and Mel B are two I worked with right out of college. Wilbert has been my best friends since we were 13. and Dillon, well, I randomly met him listening to some good ole music. 
 We listened to great great great music all weekend. Wilbert danced his little heart out. The Local Saints were amazing...as ALWAYS!!! I snagged a picture with Justin and his belt! haha 
It was super fun having all of these random friends meet for the first time and everyone just click. It made things super fun and very very relaxing after a week that was slightly stressful. 

It's been a long weekend...long and very very FUN. I'm super bummed out I will be missing the last part of Handy Fest. I will be leaving for the beach on Wednesday! I know....its such a hard trade off. Handy Fest will be thought about, BUT on the other hand I will be with my F A M I L Y who I am so beyond ready to spend time with!!!!

Well friends I will be back with more and more photos through the rest of the time I am in town for Handy. If you live in the Shoals, I sure hope you're taking advantage of all of the fun and good tunes while its happening!! It's only here once a year unfortunately!

Bye bye now

July 15, 2014

Guy Basics UO

Here are a few basics that you N E E D to have in your closet.


All from Urban Outfitters.
If any of you ever want to go on a fun shopping spree just let me know :)
I'll be glad to help out.

Also for you ladies as well. 
I am ready for the weekend. I honestly can't stop thinking about it!


July 11, 2014

A Nice Hefty List

I W A N T....

Can I please just get ride of every piece in my closets and replace it with THESE!!!
They are perfect.
P E R F E C T !!

All of these are from Planet Blue <3
Which pieces do you like?

And would you get rid of your entire closet if you could?


I'll be spending good ole quality time with the gem all weekend!
I've missed my Raeghan :)


July 9, 2014

Living MY Life!!!!!

Hi...I wanted to share a few things that I have had on my mind about myself to try and reflect a little on things that I'm not fully being thankful for; things I'm not fully taking action to conquer; things I'm not fully putting my all into; things I'm not taking advantage of; and this list goes on...

If I didn't know truly how old I was, I would probably say I'm somewhere between the age of 22 and 26. So, I'm slightly behind a little bit in being where people think I should be as a twenty-six year old woman. Yes, I make a great life for myself!!! I pay my bills, I have nice things, I work hard....very hard!!!! But, sometimes I do feel like there are things missing in my life that most people at my age already have.... A house, a husband, a nagging mother-in-law, nieces, nephews, and my list could go on and on. However, I love the life I have as a single, independent woman and I am so proud to say that this is my life :) 

If I could get a huge HUGE message across the world, it would be that we shouldn't have to fit a mold. Be Free. Be unique. Be you. Do what you love and love what you do. Love people & Love YOU! 

If I don't make the life I want now, the life I dream of, when will it happen?? There isn't a better time than 
R I G H T  N O W.  
If I knew that someone was judging me on how I live my life every day, I would guess, that they would say I am failing at fulling taking advantage and leaping into the things that I know I am capable of. That aside, I would say that I do live the best life I can, and do my best to live a life that is after God's heart and pleasing to him. And to me, that IS the most important thing in this life. 

The past few months, I haven't experienced anything unique or interesting enough to even remember, except work. work and work. That's sad. I should really stop calculating the risks of failing, embarrassing myself, worrying about other peoples thoughts, and just do whatever makes Brianna HAPPY!!! If I cry, its a sign of strength, not weakness. If I fail, at least I can say I tried. When I'm old and wrinkled, none of your thoughts will matter anyway. The only thing that matters is that I have actually LIVED a life without regret and that is a life that I have loved and have been loved in. 

I settle too often for the knowledge I already have instead of asking more questions, all in fear of sounding like an idiot. When in reality, I'm such an idiot for simply not asking. I love the life I have, but I don't celebrate it. I don't fully appreciate it, and I definitely take it for granted. When it's all over,  I haven't done more, nor have I said more. The difference between living and existing is that to actually LIVE, you have to give. Existing is just being...that's it. You actually have to put in an effort to fully L I V E. 

If my friends spoke to me the way I speak to myself I would absolutely without question get rid of them. Who needs that negativity anyway? I am my worst enemy, and my worst critic. I am definitely aware that people in this world have things way worse than I do. But that too is most likely by choice. If my life ended now, I would regret caring so much about what everyone thinks; I would regret not speaking my mind; I would regret not living a fully EXCITING life. I would regret choosing every. single. day. to have a mediocre life and fitting into a mold that society says I should fit in to. 

This is NOT what I want....a life full of regrets. 
Things for me are changing, and I hope my little rant of all over the place thoughts, might even put a little fire under your butt, and make you question the life you live everyday!

Bye now

July 7, 2014

Holiday Weekend!

Hi Hi!!! 
How was your long Holiday weekend??
Mine was G R E A T!

First of all...I got to see The Local Saints play on Thursday night <3 
Love those guys. It made me S O O O O o o o o excited for Handy Fest!

On the 4th, I may be slightly guilty of working a little bit. I am a little covered up with work right now, and NO I didn't get completely caught up. But at least I did get a little bit of work done. I wanted to enjoy the holiday too just like everyone else. And I did do that!

These girls. I love them. SO so much.
We had a blast on the 4th along with a bunch of other people who aren't in our photo. 
We grilled out, threw the frisbee, ate watermelon, played corn hole, etc and of course we went and watched the fireworks out on the river. We had an amazing spot too! It was a fun fun day.

Saturday I got up early for a run. After my gorgeous run downtown, I cleaned very little. ha! then packed for a short trip to Tennessee. 
My trip was fun. Good People. Good Times!!! I took zero pictures while I was in Tennessee. I didn't keep my phone with me, which always results in zero photos.

In a nutshell, this weekend was a blast. When I got back to Florence yesterday evening, I barely made it in my door, crashed on my couch, and thats where I woke up this morning. I'm super glad I woke up on time!

I'm off to work. Oh AND this whole month I am doing posts of my outfits on Instagram. You should follow if you don't :) It's a great way to stay inspired with your clothing and a great way to get ideas for future use!  Insta: Itsybitsybrianna

Okay bye now

July 1, 2014

Fun & Interesting Printed Tees

Hi There!!
How has the start of your week been?

I sure hope great!

I've been eyeballing these tees that are really interesting and if you know me...you know I definitely like to wear things that aren't the norm. That's just how I do.

So I wanted to share these few printed beauties with you!
E n j o y !

What do you think?!?
I think each print has my name written all over it.
I want. I want. I want....and might to just have to make a purchase!

Hope you enjoyed these Top Things today!

Bye now,