October 26, 2014


Sooo...I will be starting THIS tomorrow!!
Should be fun and pretty challenging.
How has your weekend been??
Mine has been pretty good! 
I'm ready to tackle this week and get it over with because I am ready ready ready for this coming up weekend. Harry will be here in Florence AND I am getting to go watch some good ole Hockey!

Bye for now, 

October 24, 2014

Week Update & Illustrations

Hey Hey!!!
Its been a B U S Y week of being on shoots with Faith non stop this week. Its been fun and very exhausting. Faith has gotten some really wonderful shots.

So, I have managed to squeeze in TWO new illustrations. 

The first one is my good looking man, and the second one is my dear friend Kandice's little gals.
 Ollie & Sophie!
How cute are they?? 

I am so so sooo excited that its Friday, However, I will be working tomorrow. 
Faith & I will be leaving early in the morning to head to Birmingham for a session!
It's gong to be a totally blast.

I hope you all have a fun Saturday planned!
Bye for now

October 22, 2014


Here is my latest illustration!
This is sweet Harper....Basically my nephew :) Well he is actually Frannies Nephew, so you get it! He is soooo full of personality and such a ladies guy. I love that Kiddo! My favorite moment of Harper was one day I had stayed over at the Adam's house and Lydia {his momsie} came by to drop them off. Harper came walking in and he had on a cute tshirt, Nike Shorts, and COWBOW BOOTS!!! Seriously How adorable is that... Lydia said, "Harper decided to dress himself today!" It was the cutest!

Anyway! I hope you're all enjoying my illustrations.
Happy Wednesday!

October 20, 2014


Hi!!! I am back in Florence for three weeks. So far its been a whirlwind of different things. I've cleaned! I've worked with FAITH. YES! I love love loveeee being back with Faithy. Its soo much fun. I've played with Gypsy. 

So, Speaking of that little princess, its been tough for me not having her by me non stop. I love that little pup. Its going to be really hard on me when I have give her back to Faith & Dan! BUT, I sure have enjoyed every second with her!!! I'm pretty sure my whole family is going to struggle with it. 

Tonight its a SLUMBER PARTY night with my Best Friend! Oh my goodness. I am so over the moon to hang out with Frances!  AND in the morning I get to have coffee with Mary Mac! Yippppeeeeee!!! I love my second family. 

Well I'm off to catch up on some shows with Frances!
See you soon! I will be posting a new illustration tomorrow soooo, stay tuned!
Bye now 

October 18, 2014

The Next Three Weeks....and a new illustration

Hey Friends!!!
Today, I pack up three weeks worth of stuff, My whole entire giant iMac, my Macbook, Basically my entire work station, as well as Gypsy Marie's Belongings, and I hit the road for Florence!!
I will be in Florence working hard for three weeks and I am SO excited about being back for a little bit. My FAVORITE parts about it are first of all, and the obvious reason, spending time with my Bestie Friendy Francelina Mae!! And next being able to work with Faith!!! YAHOO.

Before I go, Here is my latest illustration.

If you have asked me to do an illustration of you, I promise you, I am working hard at getting them to you!! In my spare time away from working these next few weeks, I can guarantee you, I will get you a wonderful illustration that you are going to L O V E. 

I am having WAY too  much fun with these. 

Bye now, 

October 17, 2014

Friday's List

Every single week, I spend hours....HOURS of my life online. I think we all do, whether we want to admit it or not. But as I was browsing online the other day I started thinking about all of the things I come across each week; just random things, but things that really either make me think or rethink things, or things that just simply make me smile. 

So, I decided, I will put a list together each week of the things that I have rambled across each week, just to share a little bit of online happiness. 

1. To have a warm smile come across your face simply from the beauty, look here!
2. A Pencil Box Full of Breath Taking Views.
3. Always...A New York Times Article; The Food Issue
4. Are you a Ghost?? Possibly??
5. A Little Room For Thought, from the Thought Catalog
6. I want the life of Photography & the Bartering System; See an adventure Pixel Trade
7. The constant prowl through Men's Fashion...Dont Ask
{Even I don't understand}
8. A Shop By Color Option, always makes me in the shopping mood!
9. Some People don't mind at all to be alone
10. Curioos Digital Art is some Fun Stuff!

So these are TEN of the many many fun and happy things I saw throughout the week!
I hope you enjoyed this new addition to the blog. 
Please stop by the links and check them out and let me know what you think about them.


October 15, 2014

Fun & Experimenting

The start of some new Illustration Fun & Experimenting. 
What are your thoughts?? 

If you have a cute kiddo that you would like for me to illustrate, feel free to contact me via emailFacebook, or just leave a comment with your email address and I will get back with you!!

More coming soon!!

Bye now