July 27, 2015

Having Fun and Balanacing a Scheduled Life

Hi there!!!

I logged on to my little blog here today to write a post and realized I hadn't posted in TEN days. What the heck!?!? You know that isn't the norm. I've really got to get my act together. So I apologize to all of you readers that continue to support my little space here.

So I need your help!! My life has gotten so incredibly busy. I love constantly going and doing but when the craziness starts to interfere with things that mean so much to me {such as my blog} then something has to be put into some sort of order.

So, here's what I'm going to do. Every evening, I'm going to start P L A N N I N G my day, from start to finish.  Literally writing out from the time my feet hit the floor to the time my head hits the pillow. It may sound a bit extreme to some people, but in my case its completely necessary.

So wish me luck with it :) also if you have any tips at all, please feel free to share. 

With these busy life, you better believe I make time for fun!! One way or another...Here's a few photos from my fun weekend in Georgia!

Living a balanced lifestyle is really important to me. I have to find a balance. I do my best by adding fun in every single time I get the chance! I am totally determined to get things in order!!
Does anyone else feel this way?!?!

Thank you so much for stopping by!!
Be back soon

July 17, 2015


This is an UNDERSTATEMENT. Why? Because today marks the twelfth consecutive day that I have had to work. It's been a fun, rewarding, yet an exhausting twelve days. 
I am SO thankful to have the jobs that I have, the healthy body I have to get through every day, and the people that inspire me to push myself. 

Life can be hectic and overwhelming sometimes. I think its important to revel in those times and see what you can get out of it. For me, I never want to get into some sort of "day-in & day-out" life where you just get in a routine where there is nothing new or exciting. I don't want to miss out on new opportunities or a chance to learn something new about life, about myself, about other people, etc.
Life's far too short for that nonsense.

So anyway, I said all of that to simple say, 
Do something new today to celebrate the fun life you have!

Bye now

July 15, 2015

Planet Blue Love

Helloooooo Friends. 
How's life treating you?!?
Everythings okay my way:)

Here are a few Planet Blue Tees that I absolutely LOVE right now. 

I love a good soft tee! Who doesn't?

It's Wednesday and I am beyond ready for the weekend to get here.
I hope your wednesday goes well friends!!
Bye now 

July 9, 2015

Friends & Food

Hello There!!
I have been so busy and have abandoned my little space here that you all know I love so dearly. So I wanted to catch you up on life a little. 

It's crazy how things work out. Sometimes they are definitely not how you thought they would, but its always for the greater good whether we think it is or not. I never....ever saw myself working two jobs. But when I know what I want I don't care what I have to do to get it. I'm a girl on a serious SERIOUS mission. Working at an art gallery and working back at RH is so F U N. 
I love love love working back at RH and even more so than that, I love working with Christmas and Donnie. Those guys entertain me all day long. 

I've also had some good G O O D cooking this week. I don't know what I did to deserve such awesome friends {who can cook}but I'm super thankful for them. 

See what I mean! Look at all that :) HOMEMADE.
I'm thinking I will share the recipes in a separate post....if my friends are willing to share their secrets.

{Grilled Drumsticks & Veggies • Cheeseless Pizza • Honey Chicken • Watermelon & Arugula Salad • Avocado Fries • Blueberry & Apricot Quinoa} 

Anyone hungry now?
I sure am!!!


Along with all of that food intake....YES I have been getting some good workouts in. Speaking of, Monday, I taught Bodyflow and even now, on Thursday my legs are still sore. Talk about a good one. If you are in the area please feel free to join the Bodyflow {yoga & tai chi} class on Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 4:30.

Friends, its almost the W E E K E N D.
Unfortunately, I work all weekend long. But hey....remember, I'm on that serious mission so I don't even care!

Bye for now


July 5, 2015


You Guys, 


The cat's FINALLY out of the bag, 
Frances Ledgewood
is back doing what she's meant to do!!!

is in business. So, if you ever need any stationery needs 
{weddings, parties, announcements, personal notes, etc} 
See the BEST!!!! Really, just save yourself the hassle. 

Yes, I am a little biased simply because Frances is my best friend. But, she honestly is the best! Why??? Aside from the fact that she is simply one of the most talented people I know, the way she treats her clients is what makes her the BEST around. She wholeheartedly will take absolute care of you, start to finish, and even in the future after!!!
Little Lucy is a proud little daughter <3

I love you and your business and your heart for the business and your drive and your creativity!
I'm so glad to know and be able to help you in any way with the success you're diving into.

Alright, now go follow LFS on Instagram!!!

Bye for now!

July 1, 2015


Hi there!!
I hope your weeks is going great.
Mines pretty good here!!!
I cant believe tomorrow is Thursday:) Woo hoooooo one more day and I get to see Francelina Mae Mae.

Here are some fun photos from my week so far.

Today is THIS crazy guys birthday!

Happy Birthday Aaron
Even though you kept it a secret from me...all week. all day. 
I feel like an idiot and a terrible terrible friend.

So anyway

Alright I'm hanging with Mel B tonight. 
We are planning out our next adventures around the South.
So I'll catch ya later friends.

June 26, 2015


Good morning friend!!
The first part of the week has been fantastic. Now if only the rest of the trip could slow down a little that would be wonderful.
Here are a few photos of our trip so far!

 So basically I've spent every day at the beach. You all know I'm a totally beach bum. Except Florida beach is way hotter than Hawaii Beach days obviously. It just makes me miss Hawaii even more.

We celebrated my brothers 17th birthday. That was fun. Mom gave him the gift of washing his cell phone. He left his phone in the pocket of his shorts. Never a good idea bubs. 

We went to see J&J play. That was a blast as always. Those guys are the best entertainment. Swear by it. So, the random photo of me & Alyssa with the random guy,....I have to explain. This guy was hilarious. No one was dancing at the show. And finally due to a bet lost with his friend, Colton busted a move right in front of the stage and it totally got every one up and on their feet. Everyone danced the rest of the night away! Alyssa was laughing so SO hard. So after the show we had to get a picture with him just because he made us laugh so hard.

Anyway, unfortunately we only have two more days here. Todays weather is looking
 T E R R I B L E.
and I'm hoping tomorrow I get to see my sweet friends Whitney, Michael and their cutie pie daughter Charlee Bea. 
I absolutely love summer time. The memories made during the summer are always the ones I seem to hold onto so much. I have so many MANY memories here on this exact beach and I'm so thankful for all of the years that I have been able to make these great memories here. 
So here's to many many more years of memory making right here <3

Bye now. Hope you enjoyed my photos.