May 3, 2015

FUN Freakin Weekend!

Hello SUNDAY!!!

You guys, this weekend has been so fantastic. 
First of all we will start with the weather!
Could it have been more perfect?
I do not believe so. 

My weekend consisted of all of this goodness.

Seeing John & Jacob play in Chattanooga. First of all, Chatt is such a cute town and second of all, I got to see my best friend from Elementary School who I havent seen in 14 years! Seriously, thats insane! We picked up like we never skipped a beat. Love you Mere!
And of course seeing John & Jacob is always a blast. 

Saturday night was spent at a new venue downtown! Saturn! Seriously, if you live in Birmingham, you MUST check it out!!

And today was the usual Sunday. Church and lunch with the fam, now I'm about to head out for dinner with friends and then back to Saturn for some more music! I absolutely love this town and the people in it!

Hope your weekend has been as good as mine!
Bye for now

May 1, 2015

The Truth about Happiness

Happy freaking FRIDAY friends!!
I just needed to write right now. It helps me process things. Yesterday wasn't the best day of my life. I learned a very very valuable lesson. So I wanted to share my thoughts with you and maybe it will help someone else who might struggle with this!

I realized yesterday that all of this time, I have thought that it was a single person that was supposed to make my life the happiest it can be.  But I've been so wrong all of this time. Its definitely not a person. We are all humans. We fail. We let people down. We ALL do it! But, that doesn't for a second define your personal happiness. What truly makes you happy is inner happiness and love for yourself and with that moments and experiences that you surround yourself with and share with others. 

That's it! Focus on being happy with yourself, surround yourself with people that radiate happy moments and just please, do NOT depend on or put the pressure on someone else to define your happiness. It isn't fair for that person and can end up making them feel like they will never be up to par with your standards.

I hope my experience can help someone else and help them turn their idea of happiness around!
Thanks so much for reading!!!!


April 29, 2015

What to Wear

Hi There!
Its WEDNESDAY which means I'm just two days away from the weekend which I'm sooo excited about. I'm working with one of my favorite people to work with on saturday morning!
Yahoooooooo ALSO I'm ready to spend some time with Harry <3
Which reminds me! Wednesday's will start to be "What to Wear Wednesday"
That is if I remember this time next week that that is what Wednesday's are...

I was browsing on J. Crews website in the men's section {because that's something I do at least on a weekly basis haha!} and I came across these short sleeve button downs.  


 and I was thinking, Oh my Gosh, HARRY!!! We B E A T J. Crew to this awesome style. 
While I was in Hawaii, I sent Harry a small birthday gift to hold him over until I could deliver his actual gift in person. 

His shirt really resembles the style of the shirts from J. Crew! When Harry came to pick me up from the airport, he wore the shirt I had sent him and it looked SO so good on him. I mean honestly, how many people can pull off a Hawaiian shirt. Not many people...only J. Crew models and apparently my boyfriend!

Anyway, so that's what these shirts reminded me of. Of course it had to do with Hawaii. I'm sorry friends. I don't think I will ever come down from my Hawaii high and will probably continue to talk about it daily until I am back there!!!

Anywho, stop by J. Crew and check out their selection!
Bye now 




April 28, 2015


Hi hi hi!!!

I FINALLY got my Sephora shipment!
So, I will be back later with a post about all of my new purchases. 
So far I am L O V I N G them. 

I've been working hard on my new website. 
I will post the link once its up and running. So far I am loving it!!
So, I'm going to get back to work on that and will be back soon with that Sephora Love.
Have a great Tuesday!

Bye now

April 23, 2015

Urb Loves

Hey Friends!!!
I can almost taste the weekend. What about you?

I've been thinking about summer and all of the clothing it brings. If you know me, you know that I despise cold weather. This past winter I was blessed enough to migrate to Hawaii to work and to dodge the entire winter.

So, I've rounded up a few of my favorite looks from Urban Outfitters right now.
All of these I N E E D. 
Here's my Top Ten!
enjoy :)

Stop by UO and see what you're into right now!
Do share. I absolutely L O V E hearing from you all. 
Thanks for reading!

Bye now








April 21, 2015


Good day my friends!!
I sure hope your week has started off great. Mine sure has. Yesterday was full of productivity and this morning has been full of planning and its only 7:30 am.
Today I have a meeting with a good friend. I am super excited to work with her. Right now that's all I can say, but I'm sure in the near future you will be hearing all about her new venture. 

This weekend I went on an online shopping spree at Sephora! I had a gift card that I've tried to use so many times. But, every time I step my foot into the store I get so overwhelmed with everything and then get confused on which products I actually NEED vs. the ones I simply just want! So for me, shopping online was much much easier.

Here are the products I purchased
Makeup Setting Spray....
This stuff is the bomb!! We used it while at the beach for Francelina's bachelorette party and after the end of a very long and super fun night all of our makeup still looked exactly the same!
Sephora Collection Eyeshadow
Elizabeth & James
Nirvana Black
YES. Nails <3
They're Real Push Up Liner

So now its a waiting game, patiently waiting. 
I will be sure to let you know when I get all of the goodies and how I like them!

I'm off to plan more paintings.
By for now. Ill keep you updated on my painting classes. So, if you're in the area, I would love to have you join in on the fun!

Bye now

April 16, 2015


Good Morning Friend!!!
 The past two nights I have stayed with some of my favorite people!
Tuesday night I stayed with Francelina Mae. Saturday is her birthday and since she is going out of town for the weekend, I thought well heck, Ill just surprise her on a random week night!
So, after talking with her husband, I did just that. I think she was very very pleasantly surprised!
It was FUN! We did some major catching up since I haven't seen her since BEFORE I went to Hawaii!
Little Lucy escaped the photo somehow. Eeeeeee gee I love that pup! Maybe I just love animals in general. Anywhoooooo It was awesome seeing my bestie!!

So Wednesday night I ended up having another slumber night with my friend Melissa...or as I call her Mel B. It was fun. Mel B was working on a project. I researched things in Montgomery, and then we planned her some outfits for a couple of events this week. She has this MASSIVE walk-in closet that any girl would love! It was so easy to see every option that she had! Girls got some serious clothing and SHOES!!! So it was pretty simple to find something!

Slumber parties are way more fun when you're an adult! First of all, you can have them any night of the week that your heart desires. No parents telling you, "It's a school night! Absolutely NOT!" You can stay up how ever late you want to. It really is just way cooler when you're an adult.

Thank God I'm finally seeing the light at the end of this weeks tunnel. I'm ready to see Harry! 
I have some pretty fun things planned this weekend though, to hopefully make those last few days go by fast before he comes home! Friday consist of practicing new body flow choreography with Lyssa Lou, and Saturday consists of music at Avondale with some friends!

OH also, today is kind of a big day for me and I need some prayers and good vibes sent my way! Thanks in advance!

bye now