May 27, 2015

M.I.A.....who, Me?

Hellloooooo Friend!
I'm sorry I've been M.I. A. for the past few days. I've been taking care of some seriously cute pupsters and have been extremely busy. How awesome are long, holiday weekends?! I had the best time this weekend. I made some really awesome new friends, as well as hung out with some of my bests. Yeah, long weekends are definitely the best!

And how about it already being Wednesday??!? What is that all about? I can't believe it. I'm super stoked that it is because my weekend is going to be another good one.

On to more important things, I've been shopping online for my Birthday from my mom. I wanted a new tattoo, but unfortunately she said NO! haha She already bought me one of mine. I guess that's all of them I can get out of her ;)

So anyway, I went shopping for swimwear. UGH frustrating. All of these suits look AMAZING on these model chicks. So, I was looking at some from VS and they looked so cute and perfect, obviously. What wouldn't look amazing on a VS model?!? So, I thought I should probably go to a store and actually try on one just to see how it fits me. So I did and dear Lord, it was terrible. First of all, they had ZERO of the cute suits they had online & secondly, they all fit awkwardly because on most of them the front part of the bottoms covered WAY MORE than the back. Hello, VS....some girls actually have a little bit of a booty on them! So needless to say, I was highly disappointed with the selection they had in store.

So, I opted for the cheaper route of Forever 21. Hopefully they freaking fit!


So, we will see how these work out. Who knows, they could be just as terrible. They have been shipped and I am patiently waiting on them!!

I also ordered some new yoga attire as well. 
 Super excited for all of my Birthday Presents to arrive. Hopefully my sweet mom will just let me have them and not make me wait 19 days to get them! PLUS it's summer and I need swim suit!

The weekend is  a l m o s t  here!!

Bye for now,


May 21, 2015

J Crew Swim

Hi There!!!
It's ALMOST the weekend. Anyone excited?!?
It's 31 days until I am on the beach. So I figured, It's about time to go ahead and buy new swimwear.  Believe it or not, I didn't buy a new suit for my stay in Hawaii. But it's true! I didn't. So, I feel like definitely for this upcoming beach trip, I will be buying a new one. Actually, I think that's what my mom is getting me for my birthday!

So I've started looking online and I have found several that I like. Victoria's Secret had so many cute ones online, but then I went to the store and was very let down with the selection. I also didn't like how any of them fit. So....I'm not sure how I'm feeling anymore about purchasing online. I guess if the company has a good return policy I could give it a try. 

So here are a few suites from J Crew. What I love about J Crew is that their style is simple and they give you options of bright colors as well as neutral colors. You all know my issues with bright colors. No thank you!!! So Thank you J Crew for giving me lower key options on the color charts. 

Here are a few!
Another issue sometimes with swimwear is that they are so darn expensive!! I think J Crew prices are reasonable. Not only that but the quality is fantastic. So check out J Crew and let me know which ones you like! Also, what are some of your favorite brands to buy swimwear from?!?! I desperately need suggestions!

Thanks for reading. 
Bye Now

May 17, 2015

Weekend recap!

It's my favorite day of the week.
So today is kind of a big day. Not for me, but my best friend since high school William Berry is graduating from freaking LAW SCHOOL today! WHAT?!? Seriously, if you would have told me fourteen years ago that Will would be doing this, I have to be honest I would not have for one second believed it.  CONGRATS Best Friend! You've worked super hard and I'm so proud of you!!

This weekend has been a little blah. Yeah, the weather was not on our side.

 My Thursday, Friday, and the rest of the weekend were pretty great. 
Carrigans Thursday night with Melissa. OH and fun happened after that. I rode with Melissa to Pelham to our first job out of college. We went to Rocky Heights to kidnap Chris from working all night. Gee that place on Thursdays was always the death of us all. But, at the same time it was always so fun. I loved working there with those crazy kiddos. If it weren't for RH I wouldn't know the people who I get to call some of my best friends. It was fun....random! but fun!

Okay so FRIDAY is where the fun and exhaustion begins. First of all, I started off the morning with teaching Body Flow! As soon as I finished that class I got a text from another instructor asking if I could sub for her class! So I did. That class was from 11:45 to 12:45 and then at 1 at met Raeghan, Reisa, and her Boyfriend Zach and  we all went to First Ave to climb. It was fun. Unfortunately I had a terrible migraine and didn't get too many climbs in. I also blame the fact that I had taught two BF classes back to back. I was already exhausted and it was just past lunch. 

After that, I rushed home to meet my bubs when he got home from school :) Love my little bubs. Then I C R A S H E D but only for thirty minutes. I had no time to sleep too hard. So then I woke up put my tennis shoes on and headed outside in the beautiful weather to kick my own tail with a HIIT workout. It was for real terrible. Anyway so I had two minutes left in my work out and the time was 6:02. Raegy text me with those two minutes left and said they were meeting at 6:45 to head to the movies! WHAT....yes. Read that again. It was this moment I have sweat literally dripping from my elbows {gross} and I needed to leave my house by 6:30 to be there on time. 

So what do I do?! I run full sprint inside. Jump in the shower, wash my hair with body wash because I forgot I ran out of shampoo! Talk about frustrating moment! STRUGGLE. So I get out, throw clothes on. Brush out my wet hair. Throw on foundation. Put shoes on. And run out the door. Talk about looking a wreck!!!! Gee. So anyway. I did however make it on time. I actually beat them there! haha. 
Anyway so Friday hanging out with my sisters was perfect and much much needed. 


Yesterday I worked a wedding with Angela Blake Photography. Gosh I love working with her. She's so fun! The wedding was at the Donnelly House. Its in downtown Bham. I've been in a wedding there before, my friend Amber's wedding. So I don't know about the weather where you were yesterday, but bless that poor little brides heart the weather over the Donnelly house was terrible, unpredictable, and not pretty. So she finally made the call to have everything in doors and that was the exact call that she needed to make. It poured down out of no where!!!The wedding still turned out beautiful and they had some very entertaining dancers to say the least. 

After the wedding I randomly ran across Will, having a little pre-graduation celebration. So obviously Melissa and I joined him for a little bit. Then we ended up hanging out with our friends Daniel and Chris for a bit at good ole Black Market. 
I absolutely LOVE Birmingham Weekends. 

Well friends. Happy Sunday to you. I'm heading to pick up a little, squeeze in some yoga, and then head off to celebrate my best friends accomplishment!!
Bye for now.

May 13, 2015

A little encouragement to you and me

Good Morning Sunshines!!!

How's your week so far? Mine has been a little blahhh feeling. I've been in this weird state of not feeling up to par.  Just to be quite transparent and honest with you, I feel like I have followed every single rule by the "book" and followed every step you're supposed to take into adulthood, yet I feel like I'm coming up short. I find myself at a questionable stage in my life. I didn't see myself here, but I have to know and trust that God has me where I am in life for a reason. I don't necessarily understand why, but I do have to trust him. Does anyone my age feel like this or am I the only one?!


So flash back to November 2013, I stepped into a job that I had no idea would come into my life. I also had no idea that I would finally, 3 years after college find the industry that I could see myself working in forever!! PHOTOGRAPHY. I really and wholeheartedly fell in L O V E with my job. I loved waking up, I loved getting dressed super cute, I loved going to Faith Blessing Photography, and I simply just loved my career. Fast forward to July 2014, FBP moves to Hawaii. I continued to work from home basically doing the same thing and Heck yes, luckily for me that came with some perks of working in Maui for a bit. But now, here am I May 2015 trying to find God's path in my career since the one I loved took a new route.

I say all of this to encourage someone else through my blah time. Figuring out life, well...I think its something that we never do really figure out. It's tough sometimes, but if you're a believer you have to know and trust that God has a plan, and his plan is always far greater than your own. 

So feeling this way always reminds me of The Rocket Summer's song Hills & Valleys. Yes I will forever be a TRS fan <3 

"I wouldn't know 
Just how sweet this tastes now,
No, if at first I did not go,
Through bitter times, through bitter places.
I stay alert for new battles
But for now, we're here. 

Say you're with me,
There's gold ahead, there's golden dreams.
In life's hills and valleys, 
Yeah will you hold on with me."

So friends, if you're feeling a little bit like I am this week, slap a smile on your face and know that God does have a plan for your life no matter what your current state may feel or seem like. 
When we get into these bitter states it only means that there is good right around the corner and that good will be so much sweeter when you have experienced, know and understand what a bitter time in life is. God brings us to these places for a reason.
T R U S T  H I M
It's easier said than done, but hey, just make the effort and he will handle it. 
 If anyone knows any photographers that may need a full time assistant, please let me know.
Or if anyone needs design work, you can check out my website to see if my style fits what you're looking for! 

May 8, 2015

Top Insta Accounts!

Hi hi hiiiii!
Who is so glad its F R I D A Y ?
Yeah you better believe it....ME!

So, I wanted to share my top Instagram accounts!

Stunning Fashion Blogger 
She has the HOTTEST Hair imaginable. 
Check out her Blog Le Happy

My dearest Hawaiian LOVE
The Leah Balentine.
She is an amazing athlete and is so so much fun!
She keeps me feeling like Hawaii is part of my life <3
Check out both her personal instagram account & her running account as well. 

Krystle Dawn makes the most stunning headbands ever!
The patterns are incredible and the variety of bands are perfect.
Go follow KZRA

If you know me, you know I'm 100% obsessed with YOONAKIDS for the total obvious reason.  

BRI EMERY is one of my biggest style inspirations. 
She is an incredible C R E A T I V E  S O U L and I will love her forever for being that way!
Seriously follow her and check out her website for the most inspiration overload of your life.


another Hawaii living, loving, happy, free soul.
Leah & Lindsey are close friends so they both keep me feeling connected to island life.
I love Lindsey's account because she & her husband are super adventurous and have lived in so many places around the world. SO inspiring and such cool people and they appreciate ART.

I feel like there is no need to explain this one. 
If you've read my blog for at least a few weeks, you know I have a huge love for Men's Fashion. 
TIGERMIST is also another fashion account. 
What can I say? at least this time its Women's Fashion, right? 

Can you believe it? another fashion account!
Evrry Day is a company from Australia.  

Liketoknow.It is basically a shopping account. But their images are always fun, the people are gorgeous and they inspire me.

So there you have it. My top favorite Instagram accounts at the moment.
So check them out and follow them.
I think I have pretty good taste ;)

Be back soon and thanks so much for reading.

May 6, 2015

Yoga Colletion L O V E

Hey loves!
How's your week going?!?!
Well we've made it to the half way point so SCORE on that!
So, I don't know if all of my readers know this or not, but I am a certified Les Mills Body Balance Instructor. It's one of my favorite ways to feel revitalized and energized. If you haven't ever been, I would love for you to come try it out! Our classes are Monday & Friday {9:30am & 4:30pm} Wednesday {4:30pm}! 
You can life the Gardendale Civic Center Fitness page to stay up to dat!
It's such a fun time!

So in honor of my love for the class and living a healthy lifestyle, I have collected some of my favorite workout attire! Soooo Enjoy!

 I love Lululemon. They have the best collections. Also, everything isnt brightly colored which you know I LOVE! haha!

What are some of your favorite Yoga Brands?!?
Please share!

Thanks for reading friend!
Bye now