April 23, 2014


It's FINALLY here!!
We are leaving for the beach in the morning and I am beyond excited. 

We have some serious FUN times planned.
Frances and I always have a blast when we go to the beach...add a couple other gals into the mix and we are sure in for a good time. 

Can't wait to celebrate Francelina!

Bye now

April 20, 2014


I hope your easter was filled with joy. love. family. good food. and remembering exactly what easter is all about.

These are the only photos from easter that I have.
It was an unusual Easter for me. Usually I go to Birmingham to spend time with my family.
This year I stayed in Florence so I could be with another family that is very near and dear to my heart.

My family did however drive from Birmingham to Moulton to visit and be at the Epic Campus for tonights service. I loved them being there and of course they l o v e d the service. 

I love the people that God has put in my life. I seriously can't believe I get to call such amazing people my family and sweetest friends. Will Patrick ladies & gents :) He's fun, nerdy and loves Jesus with everything in him!

Not too many pictures from Easter huh?! Oh and just so you know, I did stick with Tradition and I did make my easter dress. I didn't get a single image that was just about my dress. My sweet Raegy wasn't here to capture my photos. So, Ill have to do a makeup shoot for that one!! You can see a little bit about my dress in the two photos above. 

He defeated death so we can have L I F E ! 
It's an amazing and beautiful thing.
If you have any questions about what I am talking about, please feel free to contact me :)

Alrighty this girl is off to bed...gym time comes too stinking early!
Bye now,

April 18, 2014



Francelina Mae Mae is a real life living doll.
She's absolutely beautiful inside and out. 
It's so so funny to me to think about our last year of college and how our friendship just completely took deep deep roots at some point between college graduation, our first grown up jobs, living over one hundred miles away from each other and long late night skype sessions and from there it just grew into the most amazing friendship a girl could pray for!

We have made some of the best memories over the past couple of years! I am so so stinking excited for the new chapter she is about to dive head first into. The Married Life.

I love you so dearly.

FAB for life ;)
-ToT ToT

Bye now 

April 15, 2014


The Best boss ever award definitely goes to FAITH BLESSING!
My new necklace just makes me smile and reminds me of so many things. 

"Capture Life Creatively"
It reminds me of L I F E and how beautiful it is. 

It reminds me that I am a creator. It's the gift that God so graciously gave me. My creativity is one of the things that I am so incredibly thankful to have been blessed with. I've said it in posts before, but it makes me so humbled to think about the God who 
C R E A T E D the entire universe chose to give me a small piece of that same type of creativity. It's the coolest thing to think about. 

It reminds me that I shouldn't take the small moments for granted, that I should cherish every second of every moment because they all lead to great great things, whether we see it instantly or in the future.

and last but certainly not least it reminds me of sweet Faith! Gah I love that lady. She is a real gem. It will remind me of her and all of the things I have learned and how much I have grown while I've been working for her. 

What about your boss? Are they as sweet and cool as mine? I doubt it.

Night loves

April 12, 2014

A to Z itsybitsyBrianna

A little A to Z fun for you!!! Enjoy.

A - Age: 25

B - Bed size: Queen

C - Chore you hate: I love Chores!

D - Dog’s name: Mylee Rae

E - Essential to starting your day: Gym

F - Favorite colors: Grey

G - Gold or Silver: Gold

H - Height: 4'11.5

I - Instruments you can play: Guitar (a little)

J - Job title: Love spreader, Photo Editor & Designer

K – Kids: Love them a whole freaking lot!

L - Living Arrangements: A nice little space that feels like home

M - Mother’s name: Gayla

N - Nicknames: bB, whoop, whoopy, ToT Tot, B

O - Overnight hospital stay other than birth: can't say I have. thank Goodness

P - Pet Peeve: Messy-ness. Wrinkled clothes. dishes in the sink. Clothes not hung in the closet. careless appearance. unfinished projects. procrastination. excuses.

Q - Quote from a movie: "Do you want to build a snowman?"

R - Right or left handed: Right

S - Siblings: ONE! that's all. BRADY [Boobster]

T - Time you wake up: 5:15 and GYM TIME!

U - Underwear: ??? Weird.

V - Vegetable you dislike: none. I absolutely LOVE my Veggies. Chicken and Sushi are the only things standing between me and Vegetarianism. 

W - Workout style: Lifting GAH I love it!

X - X-rays you’ve had: can't recall

Y - Yesterday’s best moment: Dinner with the Bestie and her soon to be Hubbs. They treat me so freaking awesome!

Z - Zoo favorite: Tigers and Lions and Monkeys and Giraffes, oh gah I just love animals okay!

Feel free to pass this along about yourself!

Bye now

April 10, 2014


 {Futura - Le Corbusier - Helvetica -  Skolar} 

Fonts....I love. Good Fonts, of course!

"Each letter should have a flirtation with the one next to it."
-Mac Baumwell


April 8, 2014

Such a B L E S S I N G -- So Worth Loving

Tonight I had the pleasure of meeting this gem.

Eryn is the founder of So Worth Loving. She is so inspiring and what her and her team is doing is impacting the lives of so many people. Here's what they are all about...

"Our manifesto. Why we exist. Your reminder.
No matter my history, past mistakes, relationship status, or career choice, I am worthy of love. I am not defined by my past. I am prepared because of it. While my own voice and others may tell me different, I will lean into the safe people that affirm this way of thinking. When I encourage others to love themselves I am encouraging them to treat themselves with kindness, patience, respect, and all that embodies love. We live our life knowing we have worth.  
So Worth Loving. It's a lifestyle.
© SWL 2012"

It was the best night. seriously! Just sitting and chatting with a few ladies about our stories, passions, dreams, inspirations....SO incredibly refreshing and motivating. Hearing stories that sound so familiar and similar to this point I am at in my life was really encouraging. 

For me, it was just affirmation that I am on the right track in my life, that I am going after God's plan and his only. His plan I can't even comprehend or imagine how incredible it is. His plan is so much better than mine and I am completely surrendered. 

Great Great night friends!!
Please never forget that you are worth so so so much love. 
Rest easy on that TRUTH tonight.