January 26, 2015

Maui: Days 2-4

Maui is A M A Z I N G 
and Im on a mission to figure out how to stay here.

Yesterday I went to church. It was great. and it was outside...of course, right!?!
I loved it!!

This baby is SOOOO sweet and I love being back with her. She's my bud!
right now she's on nap 8 of the day and its only 2:30.

Today we were on the beach by 8:30
we went and got an Acai Bowl for breakfast and it was AMAZINNNGGGG

I think we are probably going to work this afternoon! Soooo here's to working hard and playing hard!

Bye now

January 24, 2015

Florida. Florence. Maui

Hi Hi HI!!
Where on earth have I been?!?! I know I know....its been a few days and way too long since I have had time to post. This last week has been nothing but F U N.

SYNC was fantastic and I learned SO much, met great photographers, and made new  friends. 

I also got to spend the night with my Bestest, Francelina Mae Mae for a night. Catch up on life and telly with her. Gah I miss her!

 I also Got to have lunch with Harry in downtown Montgomery at Central. It was an awesome restaraunt. The decor was completely 100% my style and taste. If you're ever in DT Mont. Definitely stop by!!

I got to see Julie, along with the sweet pups Ollie Wolly & Bootsie

I also got to spend an entire day in Florence <3 See Mary Mac, Trueman, Katie Bug & Harpie!

Thursday morning, I left ALABAMA for M A U I 
Harry is a sweetie and drove 3 hours just to see me before I left. I am going to be gone for a whole month so I of course was okay with it.

All of our flights were good and I honestly couldnt get to Maui fast enough. I just was SO excited to see my bud and paradise all at the same time. 
Gyp Gyp was SO excited when she saw us. 
It was awesome!!!

So here are a few photos from DAY ONE on the stunning Island of MAUI

Day one couldnt have been better!!! I saw whales, I met tons of people on the beach, had awesome fantastic delicious food, played with Gypsy, visited art galleries, FINALLY got to go to Island Cream Co. {Stop by their site!}

I will share more about Island Cream Co. in a post all on its own.

So here's to day TWO and absorbing every single moment of today!


January 19, 2015

SYNC {Part II}

Hi There! Just an update...I am still in gorgeous Florida!
As you can see, it has been gorgeous. The temperature has felt like fall.
So basically, it's been perfect. 
This trip has been so much fun. I have learned so so much not necessarily from a photography standpoint but just from a creative standpoint.
I said it in a previous post, but there is just something about being surrounded by creatives that really put a fire under your tail. It gets your brain going a million miles per hour. Some people hate that feeling but I L I V E for that feeling. 

Yesterday I felt like was planned specifically for me. 
Stay tuned for details about that in a later post!
I'm off to get ready for our last day!!

Bye for now

January 16, 2015


Hi There!!!

Tonight kicks off SYNC 2015
I am pumped.
Today Faithy is out at a kick starters class, so I have free time to do whatever I want really. So naturally I start by blogging. What do you expect right?!?
Sometime today, I am going to meet up with my friend Whitney! YAY
She and her family just moved a few months back. Im super excited about seeing her and her daughter sweet Charlee Bea. CB is the cutest thing. Swear by it. 

So from what Faith tells me, I should probably really enjoy today while I can because things get crazy from the moment the conference actually starts. 
I love new things. I'm so excited to honestly just be in the same breathing space as other creatives. Sometimes working for yourself...from home can be lonely, especially as artists. All of our creativity feeds off of each other and its something I miss terribly about working in the same room as Faith, as well as Frannie, Chris, Melissa, Donnie, Etc. Sometimes its trouble too haha :) But I have really realized how much it does make a difference creatively to surround yourself with creative people. Otherwise, it can make it easier to become the norm. And dear God, I don't want that....at all!!!

So yeah! Its going to be a fun filled next few days.

bye now

January 15, 2015


I'm out of here and so dang excited. 

Starting today I get to be back with my favorite "boss-lady" E V E R ! !
Faithy just gets my butt in gear and inspires the heck out me.
She never stops and I absolutely love it.

So today Faith and I head to Florida for a 5 day conference in beautiful Destin. 
I can't wait to learn from some of the best and meet different photographers from all over. 

It's going to be such a fun time but I'm mostly excited about being back working with and in the actual same room as Faith!!!

So this starts the beginning of my adventure and I'm so excited to see what doors God opens from here. I am kicking out every single doubt/worry/negative thought and trusting that God has given me this time for a specific reason. I don't know or have any idea whatsoever what it could be, but ultimately my goal is to be open enough to see Gods direction for me.

So get ready for a lot of TROPICAL photos because I'm a hard working beach bum until the end of February!

Bye now

January 13, 2015

Clothing Love

Ahhhh You guys....packing is a nightmare. I absolutely hate it. 
I feel like I haven't packed enough. And ultimately I feel like I simply just want to toss out everything I have and buy new! Its a little too late for that I suppose but man that would be AWESOME!

So here are a few things that I have my eye on.

I honestly think I could go on for hours!
I obviously have a newly discovered favorite site. It's called Yes Style
Makes my heart leap for joy! haha {no kidding}

Alright, Im off to work and pack and repeat.
Bye now 

January 10, 2015

Travel Reads

Morning Sunshines!!!
I had some seriously awesome input on my packing list. Thanks to everyone who helped out with that. I have started packing...well, sort of. I've started getting stuff out I guess I should say. 

I asked my friends on Facebook what books they would recommend and I had so many people help me with that as well. Last night I went to 2nd & Charles with my friends Chris & Melissa. Unfortunately they didnt have any of the books I really wanted. I did get a book though that is part of Book Crossing. So that's fun! Book Crossing is where you put a tag on your book, log onto their website, log where you are from and your thoughts about the book, then you release the book and ship it somewhere else. So it just tracks all of the locations that the book has been read at. I am excited to hopefully release this book in Hawaii. The book I bought is called "Friends Like These." By Danny Wallace. I will let you know how the book is for sure!!! The books I R E A L L Y wanted was a trilogy that my friend Leah told me about.  The All Souls Trilogy by Deborah Harkness.

 I was SO so bummed out when 2nd&c didnt have the books. They had the 3rd book of the trilogy but that did me no good. So, I am still hoping to get a few more books! It's times like these when I really just wish I had a kindle.

F I V E days my friends! FIVE DAYS. I can't wait to see Faith & Dan! 
I can't wait wait wait wait wait to see 
G Y P S Y  M A R I E 
I can't wait to see Island Cream Co. in real life! I can't wait to see that beautiful logo in real life. I can't wait to eat that delicious ice cream!
I can't wait to see Ericka....Leah....Jerry! Oh my goodness. How in the world did I end up with so many great people living in PARADISE! Wooohoooo.

Bye now