March 27, 2015

Back in Alabama!

So I've been trying since Wednesday to get back on the Alabama time. 

I left Maui at noon on Monday and got back to Alabama on Tuesday at 8 in the morning. I was so dead tired. BUT as soon as I walked around a corner at the airport and saw my sweet boyfriend, I immediately felt better!!! 

I miss Maui so much already, especially since the cold weather has revisited again. Gross! I despise the cold. I miss sweet Gypster Hipster!

and i miss Faith and Dan too!!!
The future is going to be so awesome. Yahhooooooo
Thanks everyone for reading my blog while I was gone. It really means a lot. 
I do hope you'll continue to read it while I am here. 

I'm ready for SATURDAY to be here!
It's friend time!
and Harry comes back to bham!!! Yahooooo
Bye now

March 23, 2015

Maui No Ka 'Oi

Hello Hello
I am getting ready to leave this beautiful paradise but I wanted to get one little post in before. 

This trip has been such an incredible blessing and its one I am so thankful for. Faith and Dan have been so wonderful to me since the moment I met them and I am so Glad God put them in my life. 

It has been awesome being able to see Island Cream Co. and see how awesome the interior is, how amazing the products are, and how wonderful its doing. Dan and Faiths business here in Maui has such a bright future and I cant see where all ICC goes to!! If you're every in Maui you MUST try it!

Here are a few photos from my last night in Maui. 

Last night I stopped at Walgreens just to purchase this special medicine that helped my body digest dairy better. didnt work hahaha but I will say Island Cream was 100 % worth the tummy trouble. 
I had Coffee Crunch and Peanut Butter Pie. Two little mini scoops. It was SO great.
I sure am going to miss the Island Cream Taste Test Kitchen. Working on Coffee Recipes with Dan and Faith was SO much fun. 

So where to next friends!?!?! For now its back to Alabama....maybe Florida sometime soon! But God Willing I will be back to Maui very soon!
MAHALO for reading this entire trip!

Bye now

March 22, 2015



Its my L A S T day in Maui.
And it makes me so 
Excited. Hopeful. Determined 
to get back here. 

Today I will spend all the time I can on Ka'anapali Beach. 
Good Heavens I love this place.

I'm so sad to leave Faithy, Dan and of course Gypster Hipster. 
They have been so good to me. 

Happy Sunday Friends.
Make it FUN.

I am choosing to NOT look at this is a sad day, but one again that inspires and motivates me to go after what I want. 

Bye now

March 21, 2015

MAUI: My Last Saturday....just for a bit!

f i n a l l y
Holy Heavens I am SO excited to beach it alllllllllll freakin day. 

My last Saturday in Maui.
but only for a bit.
Ill be back and next time it will be to stay. 
Ah! Yes. Can't wait. 

Be back soon
Bye now

March 17, 2015

Warby Parker - Daydream

Hi there!!!
I just wanted to share with you a few things that I've been dying to have since I've been in Paradise.

The Warby Parker Daydream Collection would be a great contributor to all of the amazing "daydreaming" I've been doing for the past two months isolated on this beautiful island of Maui. 

The Daydream Collection has some really amazing frames that are perfect for this beautiful weather. Not only that, but every single pair will look stunning with the perfect swimwear that you have chosen for this upcoming season!

Here are a few of my favorite picks from the collection!

The Daydream Collection is incredibly priced. They come in non-prescription, single vision lenses, and progressive. So these shades are sure to please!

Oh, and if you have a special fella in your life grab him a pair too. Talking about a looker....He sure will be in any of these frames! Shop the men's collection here!

Stop by and check out the Daydream Collection for yourself!
Thanks for stopping by.
bye now, 

MAUI: Hana

Hello there!
I hope Monday was good to you. 
Mine was actually not too bad!!!

Sunday was incredible. Dan, Faith, and Gypsy Marie took me exploring around the entire other side of the island! So I have officially been around the entire island of Maui! And I am even more in awe of this place. It took the entire day on Sunday to drive around the East side of Maui. 

See our above route:)
Here are a few images from the lush green adventure to and completely past Hana. 

{Bagras-Painted Gum Tree-Indonesian}

These trees are incredible and honestly images from my iphone do NOT do them justice. 
They are so colorful and bright. 
They are also accompanied by many misquotes that completely attacked my legs. Oh well....It was worth seeing and touching them! 

These three...I love these people so much. I am so so thankful that God placed these two & Gypster Hipster in my life. They live a very blessed life but what I love so much about them is that they are the hardest workers I've ever met. Every single day they work and along with that, they are so giving and kind and encouraging and I could honestly go on for years about all that they have done for me, and thats all in a post of its on so ill stop here. But Gosh I love these people!


{Jasmine Tree}

{at the Seven Pools}

Most people just drive the Road to Hana and then turn around and go back once the get to the little town of Hana. But we drove the entire loop back to where we started. The roads past Hana were gravely, narrow, winding roads. Yes the road to Hana is stunning and so many gorgeous sites to see, but past Hana the views really made me question if what I was seeing was actually real. 

And like I've said a million times, these images do not do the views justice whatsoever. The last view was so questionable to reality. And then I started wondering how in the world anyone could question the existence of a higher being?!? 

From the top of the area we were in, we were so high up in the sky that the clouds were at eye level when you looked out over the Pacific. It was the first time that I could see the island of Kahoolawe as a whole island. Gosh it was so incredible. 

I really can't fathom that anywhere else in the world could be as gorgeous as the Hawaiian Islands.  This place, This place, This place..... I never want to leave. 

One week from today and I'll be back in good ole Alabama.
As one of the most wise men I know has taught me, "Make a Plan, Work the Plan." and thats exactly what is about to go down.

Bye for now friends!
Thanks for reading, 

March 15, 2015

MAUI: perfection

Good Morning friends!
Yesterday the weather finally got her act together. 
It was 
G O R G E O U S 
so I was finally able to just stay on the beach all day!

The water was crystal with some serious impressive waves. Its so much fun to just sit there and watch people be trampled by them!
Hahaha I know that sounds cruel but it really is funny as long as they come up laughing and not choking. 

Since I've been here, I've been thinking, do you know how awesome it would be to have a personal photographer for my blog?!?! ummm HELLO amazing. 
My images would be so much better if I just had my cute guy following me along like most of these awesome bloggers do.
I don't know about you, but if the images in a blog aren't good, i usually dont visit the blog anymore. It might be because I work in the photography industry. But, I do feel like its a double standard when I have to post mediocre images. 
So, one goal for me starting as soon as I return to Alabama....I will start using my good camera, and I will start posting better images. 
I'm just trying to challenge myself here because I love my little space here in blogging world. 

Yesterday Faith and I got in the ocean!!! Holy Heaven, it was incredible. The water felt amazing. I love having long wet ocean hair. I love the sun reflecting off of ocean drenched skin. Its so beautiful. Have I mentioned that I am in L O V E with this place?!?!
Didn't know if I had told you at least ;)

Also, my eyes were Grey. This is my favorite kind of eye day. Grey is my favorite color, so when my eyes match that, its an awesome day!! They usually match whatever color is around me....As long as they are in the blueish tones. So, I wonder what color they looked when we were in the ocean!?!?

We went to dinner last night in downtown Lahaina. 
I love going there. I could sit there all night and people watch. Faith and I walked around while we were waiting for our table. We met a photographer who had a gorgeous gallery off of Front Street. His work was gorgeous. His arrogance was not. Its just too bad sometimes when really talented people let themselves get the best of them. 

Sadly, I have a week from tomorrow left of this dream I have been lost in for the past two months. As soon as I get back its mission time!!! Remember I am on the lookout for a job in Birmingham, So if anyone knows of anything please let me know!!!

Thanks friends for reading.
I hope you have a wonderful Sunday!!!
bye now